This is not, your typical wedding.

He loves her, & She loves cats. So he loves cats, and she loves him. We’ll find out what she loves about him, and what he loves about her. We recommend you to be prepared because this wedding is written as a non-teary, non emo, and non cheesy event. This is not your typical wedding – it is funny, touching and most of all, honest. No lies were told in the production of this wedding.


Beautiful, we know.

They don’t normally take photos, but when they do…

Watch them get married.

Saturday, 16 December, 2017
Marina Mandarin Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Vanda Ballroom (Level 5)

Solemnisation: 11:45am (Room Vanda 6 @ level 6)
Wedding Reception: 12:00pm
Wedding Lunch: 12.30pm


About the Directions…

The couple have told me to inform you that Driving, Grab-ing, Uber-ing and Taxis are the best ways to the venue. If you insist on taking the MRT however, the nearest station would be Esplanade 😀


The Team

None of the following partners were harmed or mentally scarred in the production of this wedding, which means they're still around, functioning, and waiting to do more.

A Lovely Message from the Couple

Hi guys! It's been very hard getting people to do stuff for us especially since we don't like to do anything. So please don't make us whatsapp you twice. Click the link on the first time you've received it from us, and RSVP immediately.



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